Our long-time work to protect, preserve and steward the lands surrounding our drinking water reservoirs is only possible by the good and tireless energies of our volunteers and regular staff.  Those of us running the organization dedicate hundreds of unpaid hours per year to keeping the organization viable and business compliant.  

If you are a good organizer, communicator, worker-bee, and nature lover, we need your help in the public arena and behind  the scenes. To volunteer or for further information, please contact us immediately at 201-666-1877

Bergen SWAN 2017 Events


Welcome to Bergen SWAN…

Dear SWAN Supporters:

We have a nice line-up of varied & interesting events for the coming year!  We start out the spring with the "Friends of Bergen SWAN Benefit Sale," a fundraiser to be held on May 6 at Westwood RR Station to help pay for our upcoming environmental education events.  Then, on the pre-summer evening of June 15, our  "Pollinator Garden in the Park, Talk Under the Tent" event with L.A. Carolyn Summers takes place at Girl Scout Park Westwood, rescheduled from last year. Carolyn will highlight great native plants that look lovely while supporting pollinator populations.



Friends of Bergen SWAN Spring Benefit Sale!

Help the Bees, Trees, Flowers,  Butterflies, and Hummingbirds!

Volunteer to keep our garden beautiful theres lots of work to do!


In July, a lucky group of walkers will be treated to a "Full Moon Evening Walk through the Wetlands of Old Tappan Woods,

guided by conservationist/author/Hudsonia Exec. Director, Erik Kiviat, who will discuss the diverse flora and fauna of a mature urban forest, and how the life in a floodplain contributes to water quantity and quality.


September 19 brings an outdoor lesson in ecological yardscaping directly in a supporters backyard in Hillsdale.  Resident-environmentalist Bob Cinek has loaned out his special acre+ property as a classroom from which local

Naturalist heroes Don Torino (Bergen Audubon Society) and Elaine Silverstein (Native Plant Society of NJ) will teach a small group of participants how to create a healthy, wildlife- friendly, watershed-sustaining home landscape. Sign up early for our "Eco-landscaping for the Watershed Workshop," as attendance will be limited!


In addition to the above, were planning a paddle on the Spatterdock Marsh in West Nyack, NY on October 19, and a hike/movie double-feature for sometime in December. Follow this site for additional details...

Please remember - we are volunteer run - help us to make our programs possible by donating your free time and/or much needed monetary contributions.






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From our beginnings in 1988, Bergen SWAN has been aggressively pursuing the preservation of the watershed buffer forests around our drinking water reservoirs.  To date, we have helped protect from development over 3,300 acres of woods and wetlands, and over 300 acres of golf courses.

The narrow, protective, forest buffers around our reservoirs represent some of the only unbroken stretches of woods in an intensely populated, increasingly urban area. These watershed buffers are a critical link to sound watershed management for the Upper Hackensack, helping to maintain safe drinking water quality for nearly 1 million Bergen and Hudson County residents in New Jersey and in Rockland County, New York.

Watershed buffers... 

  • Filter and slow runoff, absorbing pollutants

  • Control erosion

  • Mitigate flooding

  • Provide habitat for wildlife

  • Provide a sanctuary for hiking and passive recreation 

While we continue to fight for the permanent protection of the last remaining open spaces in our region, we are increasingly turning our focus to developing stewardship and educational programs that ensure the long-term sustainability of our watershed.   These programs include:

  • Encouraging good streamkeeping by residents living alongside waterways

  • Installation of stormwater controls such as rain gardens

  • Phasing out the use of high phosphorus fertilizers

  • Promoting non-toxic, environmentally sound practices in public places and golf courses

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The Nature Program Cooperative

Did you know... that there are over a dozen places and organizations in northeastern New Jersey that provide quality nature programs? Recently, several of them banded together to create the Nature Program Cooperative (NPC) – a pooling of knowledge and resources designed to offer the people of our region greater opportunities to explore and enjoy the region’s natural side.

How it works… Throughout the year, each of the different partners of the Co-op (listed on the right side of this page) will host an outdoor activity or indoor educational program at a nature center or other appropriate location to which all group members are invited. When applicable, member discounts will apply to all Co-op partner members and supporters. For example, if  Tenafly Nature Center hosts an event, members of all other NPC groups pay the TNC member rate. (Non-members are also welcome to attend the event, but must pay the non-member rate.)  All NPC events are advertised in each partner group’s newsletter.

For a list of upcoming NPC programs, please visit the NPC site at: http://www.natureprogram.org/